1st Seminar on Deaf Football Development: second day

On February 23, Bangkok hosted the 2nd day of 1st Seminar on Deaf Football Development, which was attended by 50 representatives from 25 countries. The seminar was attended by ICSD President Ms. Rebecca Adam,  APDSC President Mohammad Pargar, DIFA President Iakov Frenkel, a member of ICSD Board Member Yakup Kihtir, Greece Sport Federations of Deaf President Josif Stavrakakis and more.

During the seminar, in addition to the speeches of the participants, there was a fruitful exchange of views on various problems of Deaf Football development: refereeing, financing, coaching and others. Representatives of Russia, Czech Republic, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait made reports. Relevant was the speech of the Secretary General of Deaf African Football Confederation Jean-Pierre Pemha told about the main problems of the development of football in Africa.
In her opening remarks, Ms. Adam expressed support for such events and noted that the priority goal of the ICSG reform was the rights of the athlete, around whom the whole system should be built. Also, ICSD President noted that in order to achieve the success of reforms, joint efforts and the presence of clear feedback from the regions are needed. Such seminars are an excellent tool for the implementation of new ideas and a powerful catalyst for reform.
At the end of 1st Seminar on Deaf Football Development, all participants received certificates.