“A Tribute to Heroes”

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“A Tribute to Heroes” Zeng Xuelin Cup
Sino-Thai Friendship Football Tournament for the Deaf
“A Tribute to Heroes” Zeng Xuelin Cup Sino-Thai Friendship Football Tournament for the Deaf was held in Shenzhen Sports School on 15th and 16th June. There were 4 teams Zeng Xuelin’s friend-China Deaf Football Team, National Deaf Football Team of Thailand, Shenzhen Traffic Police Football Team and Shenzhen Longhaoda Football Team participating into this tournament. The players from 2 countries enhanced friendship on the pitch through the matches.
Zeng Xuelin was born in Thailand, who was from Guangdong China and the former coach of National Football Team of China between 1983 and 1985. In 1984, the China team participated in the third Indian Nehru Gold Cup, and defeated Argentina with as many as eight players who joined World Cup in 1982 with a 1-0 victory. This is the first time for the Chinese team to beat the world champion. Also in 1984, the China team won the runner-up of Asian Cup coached by Zeng Xuelin. On May 19, 1985, Zeng Xuelin resigned after the Chinese team lost to the Hong Kong team at the home game of the East Asian regional group match in the World Cup qualifier 1-2.
The member at large of DIFA Liu Ting, the leader of National Deaf Football Team of Thailand Anchalin Siwalak, the former chairman of Chinese Football Association and the former president of Guangdong Sports Bureau Dong Liangtian, the former captain of Chinese Football Team Chi Minghua, the chairman of Shenzhen Football Association Zhao Liang, Zeng Xuelin’s grandson Xue Jianxiong and other guests participated into the opening ceremony of this tournament.
“To hold such activities doesn’t only concern about the development of sports for the disabled, but also makes the football friendship between China and Thailand.” Xue Jianxiong, general director of this tournament and the founder of Zeng Xuelin Sports Development (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., also says the public welfare is also a highlight of this tournament, so all the equipment were offered by the sponsors. On the day of the opening ceremony, a group of young people who love football also were involved. Inheriting the spirit of Zeng Xuelin and promoting the football culture. It is also conducive to the development of youth training and the cultivation of youth football atmosphere.