The 45th Congress of the International Committee for the Sport of the Deaf (ICSD) was held in Khanty-Mansiysk on March 27, 2015, where delegates from 60 countries participated.


The DIFA was founded 2011 in Sweden and 2015 the DIFA won recognition as an associated member with the ICSD at its Congress I Khanty-Mansiysk in Russia and will thereby be the responsible organization for deaf football all over the world.

 We all know that football is the most popular sports in the world and so is also the case among deaf sports people. Lately also futsal has grown rapidly. Now all over the world a large part of deaf people takes a great interest in football/futsal. For development of this sport, holding competitions and international tournaments in high level in a legal organization, the DIFA has been created.

DIFA program of development of Deaf Football and Futsal include following activities:

 * Cooperation with the ICSD and its Regional Confederations;

* Cooperation with the FIFA and its Regional Confederations;

* Creation and development of football/futsal infrastructure for the Deaf;

* Arrangements of World and Regional Championships for seniors and youth as well as Deaflympics Qualifications.

* Arrangement of deaf football referee clinics;

* Enhance and cheering the sports football/futsal in national deaf sports federations;

* Holding various seminars for development of deaf coaches and administrative staff;                                 * Arrangement of youth football camps for deaf girls and boys with information about doping,   fair-play, HIV/AIDS, gender roles in society and more social items