There are a number of organizations that monitor, manage, and distribute deaf
football. The main one is DIFA, located in Moscow, Russia.
She organizes international competitions on a global scale, in particular the Deaf
World Championships.
At the continental level, the popularization of football is provided by 4
organizations: DAFC (AFRICA), APDSC (Asia), EDSO (EUROPA), PANAMDES (America).

Most developed football in Europe. DIFA is supporting the development of deaf
football in Asia, Africa and Pan America. DIFA also seeks to develop children’s and
youth’s football, as well as veteran football. In 2017, the 1st U-18 Futsal World
Cup was held (Bangkok, Thailand), and in 2020 it is planned to host the 1st DIFA
Futsal World Cup (Burgas, Bulgaria).
In 2021 – 2022, it is planned to host the DIFA Deaf World Championships in
football and futsal (Bangkok, Thailand) and (Burgas, Bulgaria).

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