Cancel Futsal World Cup

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In recent weeks, the coronavirus epidemic has been spreading rapidly across Europe. Many countries are taking emergency measures to prevent the spread of the virus: quarantines are imposed and the number of spectators at major events is limited. The International Committee of Sports for the Deaf and the European Deaf Sports Organization postponed several sports events to the end of the year.
Today, DIFA received a letter from the organizers from Bulgaria, notifying them of the introduction of a quarantine and restriction in this country. In these circumstances, DIFA regrets that it is not possible to hold the event in a positive and safe environment and announces the postponement of the 1st DIFA World Deaf Veteran +40 Futsal Cup for an indefinite period.
DIFA together with the World Football Club League Champions “Equal opportunities” confirm their intention to hold the tournament in Bulgaria as soon as the situation becomes safe for all participants.

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