I bring to your attention a new book about the football of the deaf in the international arena. In fact, this is a short story about football tournaments at the Deaflympics from 1924 to 2017. But here you will find many unique photos, tables. The names of the players from the winning teams of the Games are given…  And even small information about outstanding deaf football players from different countries of the world. Football is the most popular game in the world, the whole world closely follows the results of their favorite teams and players. But not everyone knows that some players and coaches write books about their careers, interesting facts on and off the pitch. So I, a former player of the USSR national team and a coach with great experience, wanted to collect under one cover information related to the football of the deaf at international games. And to remind the young generation that in the past there were deaf masters of the leather ball, with many of whom I had the honor of being acquainted. And it is no coincidence that the book was published this year – we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of the DIFA! The documentary book, compiled by me and Viktor Palenny, will be of interest primarily to deaf football fans. But, I think, not only them. The words of Ernest Hemingway are known: “Sport teaches you to win, sport teaches you to lose, and as a result, sport teaches you life.” This book speaks of dedication to football, respect for rival footballers, regardless of their nationality. And she is an expression of gratitude to those people who did everything to make the football of the deaf develop and flourish.