Representatives of three organizations – DIFA, APDSC and ADSF MET WITH THE MINISTER OF SPORTS OF MALAYSIA in Putrajaya on June 22, 2022

With the assistance of the Malaysian Deaf Sports Federation MSDeaf, an important meeting of representatives of the International Deaf Football Association (DIFA), the Asia-Pacific Deaf Sports Confederation (APDSC) and the Asian Deaf Sports Federation (ADSF) took place. The delegates of these organizations held a meeting at the Malaysian Ministry of Sports YB Dato Seri Ahmad. Faisal Azumu, Menara KBS, Putrajaya.

This visit was planned as part of Malaysia’s program of activities to promote international deaf sport in Malaysia, in addition to meeting with representatives of the Asian Football Governing Body – (AFC) and visiting and viewing the futsal stadium of the First DIFA Under-21 Deaf Futsal World Cup in Malaysia in December 2022.

MSDeaf President – Ong Shin Ruenn, who was present at the meeting, thanked Malaysian Sports Minister KBS YB for taking the time out of his busy schedule to meet with DIFA President Frenkel Yakov, APDSC President Mohamad Pargar and ADSF President Kamarzaman Haroun to enable the inaugural championship. three sports leaders, and expressed his gratitude to the Minister for his active support for the development of deaf sports at the international level, including the development of deaf sports in Malaysia.

At the end of the meeting, DIFA President Frenkel Yakov voiced his proposal – to apply to the Malaysian government with a request to support the DIFA initiative to hold the World Deaf Football Seminar in Malaysia next year in 2023.