DIFA Seminar

The DIFA seminar was held in Bangkok (Thailand) from February 25 to 27, 2019, where
delegates from 26 countries took part. The topic of the seminar was devoted to the organization
of competitions, advanced training of coaches and the work of the Technical director for
football. The seminar was organized, entertaining and positive. The delegates spoke
interestingly, put forward their proposals for the development of the Deaf football.

Seminar 2019

1st U-18 World Deaf Futsal Championship
(24.11-03.12.2017, Bangkok, Thailand)

From the 24 th of November to the 3 rd of December, in the city of Bangkok (Thailand), the 1st
U-18 World Deaf Futsal Championship was held under the aegis of the International Committee
of Sports for the Deaf (ICSD) and the Deaf International Football Association (DIFA). Eight
countries participated in these competitions: Germany, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Russia,
Thailand, Sweden, and Uzbekistan. The team of China also performed in the tournament Out of
Competition, joining the struggle at the stage of play-off repechage round (matches for the 7-9
The Championship started with the official Opening Ceremony held on the 26 th of November.
The event was honorably visited not only by ICSD and DIFA representatives, but also high-
ranking officials of Thailand government.
The tournament was organized on the highest level due to the amazing work of the
Organizing Committee. The teams were provided with the uninterrupted transfer hotel-arena-
hotel and airport-hotel-airport. During the competitions there were two Technical meetings
where the teams’ representatives received all the necessary information concerning
Championship Regulations. Selected group stage matches as well as all the play-off stage
matches were live broadcasted during the Championship. The volunteers with the knowledge of
International Signs and security service representatives were present on the key points in the
hotel and sports hall. The competitions were conducted in full accordance with the ICSD and
DIFA Regulations.
The work of the referee team was unanimously highly appreciated: the FIFA level referees
prepared specially for the tournament and studied the generally accepted sport signs as well as
some specifics of the Deaf Futsal in terms of communication with the players.
In general, all the participants of the Championship were equally skilled, and that led to the
great amount of uncompromising, intense and spectacular matches. No doubt, only competitions
of that level turn youth players into mentally grown-up futsal players. Every team showed its
own unique style: The Swedish team played strictly pragmatically and from the defense, the
German team played just as rigorously but more balanced throughout the playground, the Asian
teams of Thailand, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan preferred bright attacking manner of football
Due to the results of the competitions Uzbekistan became the world’s best team, winning in
the final match with Sweden (5:2). The bronze medal went to the Russian team which won
strong-willed victory over the German team in the match for the 3 rd place.
The final ranking of the teams:

1. Uzbekistan

2. Sweden

3. Russia

4. Germany

5. Thailand

6. Kuwait

7. Kazakhstan

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