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DIFA information from 01/06 January 28, 2021
Founded in 2010
DIFA invites new candidates for members of Commissions.
The Commissions play a vital role in the effective functioning and governance of the DIFA then DIFA Executive Committee need more members involved to make them work because they will be responsible for providing recommendations and advice on policy matters to the DIFA Executive Committee and Congress. Ideally, DIFA would like five (5) members for each Commission: 1 (one) chairperson and 1 (one) representative from each Region (EDSO-CADS-APDSC-PANAMDES) and DIFA Executive Committee are seeking immediate nominations for the following Commissions:
• Legal commission: which must deal with the legal affairs of the DIFA.
• Women Commission: called to promote gender within DIFA.
• Youth Commission: which has to deal with Football, futsal and other issues revolving around young people.
To apply for membership to one of these commissions, you should email your resume and a short covering letter explaining why you are suitable for the role to the DIFA Secretariat by email:
The DIFA Executive Committee look forward to working together with you to create a stronger organization united for beautiful football and futsal within good governance.
Deadline: 30 April 2021
Jean Pierre Valery PEMHA,
Secretary General
Deaf International Football Association
(+237) 673-46-29-62
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